Notes from the NS archive


A child in Whitechapel.
Common Lodging Houses
By Eric Blair - 21 January 10:26

"As often as not the beds are verminous, and the kitchens invariably swarm with cockroaches or black beetles."

A picture of Philip Larkin leaving Westminster Abbey
Philip Larkin on the life of his greatest influence, Thomas Hardy
By Philip Larkin - 11 January 14:21

Larkin piece republished on the anniversary of Hardy's death.

An illustration from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels
From the archive: Frank Kermode on Jonathan Swift
By Frank Kermode - 30 November 14:46

Compared with Swift’s ferocious wit, Private Eye is primitive stuff.

A portrait of Eugene O'Neill
Desmond MacCarthy on Eugene O’Neill: “Poetry did not blow about the words”
By Philip Maughan - 27 November 15:34

Mixed feelings on the great American playwright, who died this day in 1943.

Two women listening to the radio on the beach
G D H Cole in 1927: “Whatever the BBC does is, of course, wrong.”
By Philip Maughan - 14 November 12:35

The Beeb has always been a space for debate on culture, ethics and standards.

Albert Camus reading a newspaper
Albert Camus: A conscience with a style
By V S Pritchett - 07 November 15:41

Today is the anniversary of Camus's birth. In a piece from the archive, V S Pritchett reflects on his death.

Allen Lane holding a copy of Lady Chattlerley's Lover
Lady Chatterley triumphant
By Philip Maughan - 02 November 11:33

Fifty-two years ago Lady Chatterley's Lover beat the obscenity trial against it. Here's what the NS had to say.