This Norway

Hurricane Mitch is causing the worst catastrophe this century in Central America. The authorities estimate that more than 7,000 people have died, and there are fears that the number of fatalities will increase. All Norwegians in the area are in no danger. - Dagbladet

Last evening in Oslo . . . a teenage boy leapt into a street stall in Hoybraten at 4pm and stole 4,000 kroner. While he threatened her with a knife, the 57-year-old woman who worked there leapt outside and biked off . . . The 16-year-old boy is originally from Macedonia. He came to Norway when four years old, is a Norwegian citizen and speaks fluent Norwegian. Yet one can clearly see that he is of foreign origin. - Aftenposten (both entries sent in by Ross Brown)

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This article first appeared in the 13 November 1998 issue of the New Statesman, Why gays become politicians