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Petraeus won't be rushed out of Afghanistan

Amid revalations of friction between the military and the White House, the General told the Times th

Following revelations in veteran journalist Bob Woodward's new book about the Obama White House's tensions with the military, General Petraeus has given an interview with the Times in which he makes his position on Afghanistan withdrawal clear.

In a turn of phrase he has rpeeated elsewhere, Petraeus has said the planned July 2011 drawdown "is not a date when we rush for the exit and reach for the light switch to turn it out before leaving the room" but rather the start of a "process".

The Republican party is currently making hay over leaked extracts from Woodward's book -- titled Obama's Wars -- that politics may have trumped military strategy in the prevarications over whether to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. Woodward claims Petreaus told the administration "you fucked with the wrong guy" by hand-wringing over the likely reception of a surge would get with the Democrat party.