What do you think? No 3952

Set by John Crick

The interrogative book title has a long and august history. We asked for suggest

Report by Ms de Meaner

The singletons get £5, the rest £15. Neil Stone also gets the Tesco vouchers for . . . the unexpected.

Why Was Pluto Demoted?
Why Were North Korea, Iran and Thailand Invaded?
What, How, and Why? The Lynne Truss guide to the question mark

John O'Byrne

Who Killed Princess Diana?
Whose Afraid of Comma's?

Nicholas Hodgson

What Is This Thing Called, Love?
Katie Mallett

Wha? The glottal stop and the rise of Estuary English
R Handyside

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea?
Anyone for Quidditch?

David Silverman

Dude, Where's My Objectivity?
Neil Rennick

How Green Was My Valet?
by George Monbiot
J Seery

Where Next for the Nose Stud?
Anne Du Croz

Can a Gay President Really Change America?
Neil Stone

How Many Bloggers Does It Take to Change a Prime Minister?
Alanna Blake

Debt, Where Is Thy Sting?
Jeff Instone

Lettuce - the Silent Killer?
Basil Ransome-Davies

Can We Forgive Her Outfit?
Robin Clarke

How Can We Learn to Love Nuclear Power?
What Has the Future in Store for the Queen's Corgis?

Shirley Curran

Who Killed Roger Scruton?
Why Didn't They Ask John Prescott?

Ian Birchall

When Did You Last See Your Father for Justice?
Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?

by Russell Brand
Adrian Fry

Where Did It Go Wrong?, by David Cameron
How Did It Go Wrong?, by Gordon Brown
Why Did It Go Wrong?, by Menzies Campbell
Brian D Allingham

What's the Point of John McCririck?
Glyn Haggett

Should Mugging Be Legalised?
George Cowley

No 3955 Second-hand words

Set by John O'Byrne

"The story ends with two women firing portentous [Martin] Amis quotes at each other, in a scene that hilariously captures the rising aggression of their break-up," wrote Katherine O'Shaughnessy, reviewing Jackie Kay in the NS. We want other examples of quarrels/makings-up via literary quotations, eg, Blair and Brown via Harry Potter; Ronaldo and Rooney in chick-lit mode. Pick your couple.

Max 125 words by 9 November
Email: comp@newstatesman.co.uk

This article first appeared in the 30 October 2006 issue of the New Statesman, Israel: a nation under siege