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Expert advice

Burglars are so good at robbing people's houses that they deserve to be regarded as experts in their field on a par with pilots, academics have concluded.

In-depth interviews with 50 serial burglars about how they carry out break-ins showed that getting into someone's home and stealing their valuables, while being able to listen simultaneously for noise, is a classic example of "expertise".

A typical burglary takes just 20 minutes and yields around £800 worth of stolen items such as cash, cameras and credit cards.

(Neil Stone)

No way to leg it

A driver has been fined £50 after stopping his car to replace his false leg. Peter Stapleton, 50, was driving when his artificial limb came loose. He pulled over to reattach it but was fined for parking illegally in Camden. He has refused to pay, but has been warned that bailiffs will seize his car. He lost his right leg in a crash more than 30 years ago.

The fine has now grown to £465.

London Evening Standard
(Ron Rubin)