Who said what?

The quotation that John Pilger attributes to David Ben-Gurion (Columns, 21 August) - "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population" - is actually from Israel Koenig, a former interior ministry official. His words were roundly rejected and condemned within Israel itself. The quotation that Pilger then attributes to Ariel Sharon - "It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion . . . that there can be no Zionism, colonisation or Jewish state without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands" - is equally notorious, and was spoken by Yoram Bar Porath. It, too, was roundly condemned within Israel. This is like taking something said by a member of the National Front or the British National Party and attributing it to Margaret Thatcher.

Lee Jakeman
Wellington, New Zealand

This article first appeared in the 11 September 2006 issue of the New Statesman, It must be Gordon, Gordon, Gordon