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High flyer wanted

Office of Boris Johnson is looking for a bright, motivated, highly literate individual to work in the Commons as a researcher. Job will involve researching legislation and bills going through the House, compiling briefs and reports, speechwriting, drafting articles, policy formulation and general parliamentary wonkery.

Send CV plus two 500-word sample essays, one being on the role of British universities, the other being, either "A Trip in a Spaceship" or "A Country Ramble" or "The Taj Mahal".

Ad on w4mp (Andy Bowden)

Metal distress

Liverpool City Council rejected a motion from Councillor Paul Brent to recycle the metal from limb implants, left over from the deceased. Councillors were told that some crematoria did indeed recycle, but the amount recovered did not even make one-quarter of a tonne a year. They abandoned the idea after being advised any recycling could result in legal action from distressed relatives. The MJ (Gladys Hancock)