Get out more often

Kitty Ussher's Politics column (14 August) astounded me. How could she have expected anything other than anger from her Muslim constituents, and indeed, from many non-Muslims?

When the time comes for more leisurely evaluation of these recent wars, historians will wish to know who was to blame. Tony Blair will carry a heavy personal burden, but questions will certainly be asked about why new Labour didn't bring to a halt the antics of a warmongering gang in its leadership, and why it totally ignored the anger of its supporters and the general public. Perhaps it "just didn't get it"!

The advice to Ussher must be "Get out more often" - while you can. Otherwise we shall soon get you and your colleagues out of government, unless your party reconnects with the electorate, and with decent humanity.

Iain Hill

This article first appeared in the 21 August 2006 issue of the New Statesman, Al-Qaeda: Britain in its sights