Pakistan terror

The Taliban could have been turned into a positive movement if it had not been for Pakistan's intelligence agency, the ISI ("Talking to the Taliban", 17 July). Pakistan left no stone unturned in employing duplicitous practices, placing the Taliban in a double bind of perverted religion.

In a secret programme, the ISI used the Taliban to crush Pashtun nationalism on both sides of the Durand Line, a colonial demarcation between Afghanistan and British India that still exists. Pakistan gave billions of dollars of western money to the most anti-western religious perverts. Thus the double game: on the one hand the ISI half-heartedly helps the US in its war on terrorism, and on the other hand it continues to support the Taliban, militarily and financially, to kill westerners. It is legitimate to ask why the Bush administration is not bringing the war on terrorism to its real source. That source is Pakistan.

Ehsan Azari
South Wentworthville
New South Wales, Australia

This article first appeared in the 24 July 2006 issue of the New Statesman, War - Who can stop it now?