This England

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The King's College student was returning to his halls of residence in Hampstead when a gang approached him. The five 18-year-olds grabbed him and snatched his glasses. They told him to empty his pockets and took his phone and wallet. Mr Firoos-Khan said: "Then they took some presents I'd bought for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I told the main guy it was for my mum, and asked him what his mum would think of him if she knew he was out mugging. He seemed to get upset and told the others to give me my stuff back. The only thing I didn't get back was my phone, and my glasses were broken. They seemed very amateur."
Ham & High (Erica Bendix)

A gardener was given a £100 fine after breaking a Victorian law against riding a horse while drunk. In his defence, he said: "The police waited until I had got on the horse. That's Starsky and Hutch behaviour for you."
The Post (David James)