Letters - Letter of the week

Richard Dawkins can be a very sloppy thinker (Diary, 30 January). This is probably because he is a scientist and not a philosopher, and I believe that on his "tablets of stone" we are commanded never to mix the two disciplines.

He cites various programmes and says his series provides a balance to them. But in none of these programmes is science attacked, nor are scientists accused of being gullible, so there is no equivalence between the examples. The truth is there are many religious people with a strong belief in the scientific method and many scientists with strong religious convictions. These are not stupid people, and if they talked to Dawkins he would find that they questioned both their religion and their science far more than he ever questions his faith in Darwinism. Fundamentalism has caused most of the world's problems in the past century - in religion, science, politics and economics. Fundamentalists are relatively few in number, but they are dangerous because they have power, money and guns and, as in Dawkins's case, they shout the loudest.

Rev Jonathan Hagger
Newcastle upon Tyne