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For the second time in three weeks, warnings made 18 months ago over the diets of children in Perry Barr and Kingstanding have been seized upon by the government as new national policy. A respected food technology expert has warned that a whole generation of children have left school without basic cooking skills - citing the example of a ten-year-old who said a bowl of tuna was a donkey. This week the government announced it would bring back cookery lessons for secondary pupils.
Great Barr Observer (B R Parry)

It is about time somebody stood up for the right to call people by their full, correct Christian name. For years I have been infuriated when people take it upon themselves to call me "Rock" - for me, it's just a bit too familiar.

Abbreviations often lose their true meaning. Is it just an easy way out for some people who cannot be bothered because they are so bone idle?
Letter from Rocky Fernandez in the Sunday Express (Francis Harvey)