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There is still an undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns with credibility intact. I speak of the treacherous no man's land that lies between guitar and electronic music. The present in-vogue Eighties revivalists cloud the issue: forget your Duran Duran copycats and prepare for a revolutionary slant on both genres, by four cute lads from Sheffield.

65daysofstatic is named for psychological experiments in the 1960s where it was discovered that precisely 65 days of exposure to white noise would send the listener insane, be he man, mouse, or guinea pig. The band obviously enjoys its own squalling feedback, but this isn't esoteric experimental hokum: 65dos makes soaring, inspirational instrumental pieces that scorch themselves into your soul. If you wanted the perfect soundtrack to a documentary about the end of the world, this would be the band to make it; that it also manages to make such an event seem like an occasion for a party is 65dos's unique and incredible talent.

You can get two free MP3s (from drawn from the band's debut, The Fall of Math. First off is the brilliantly skittish "Hole", a track whose tide of guitars flows over clicking electronic beats. The hangover-soothing epic "Everything We Talked About Yesterday" is worth checking out at the same site; look out there for tracks from 65dos's forthcoming album One Time For All Time as well.

For a clue about what made these young tykes start to listen to obscure laptop electronica in their teens, check out for some of the masters of the sort of demented, ridiculous, party-fun dance music that even children can't fail to enjoy. Try out the free MP3s by Donna Summer (no, not that Donna Summer, but he, and I mean HE, is just as danceable): "Feast of Recognition" is one such twisted disco classic; proof if you need it that electronic music isn't just about the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim.

This article first appeared in the 24 October 2005 issue of the New Statesman, The debt pandemic