Letters - How now, brown cow?

Charlie Whelan (1 August) bows out from your pages with questionable modesty but stubbornly purblind. He proclaims his undying admiration for Gordon Brown, and predicts that "one day he will be our PM". Whelan echoes the pleas of others - including myself - that Tony Blair resign as soon as possible, so as to leave our governance in the hands of a more sensible Labour leader. Is Brown that person?

During the farrago of the invasion of Iraq there was one individual who could have stopped Blair. Yet what did that individual do as Blair used bogus facts, misleading presentation and a three-line whip to drive his Faustian agreement with President Bush through the House of Commons? Heath-like he glowered, and morose and silent in public he provided, through that silence, de facto support. Whelan's heroic Brown chose to lie down with the supine others.

Gerald de Lacey
London W11

This article first appeared in the 08 August 2005 issue of the New Statesman, Islam: the tide of change