Desert island dinners

What couldn't you live without?

George Monbiot - writer and environmentalist
I'll eat most kinds of road-kill if it's no more than a couple of days old. I have a diverse diet. I grow 40 different kinds of vegetable, and 30 varieties (across seven species) of fruit. I've eaten more than 60 species of wild fungus, and pounce on anything that moves and is in season. I catch crayfish, perch and pike from the river, and mayflies when there's a hatch on. Pity, too, the grasshopper or beetle grub that crosses my path. Basically, I eat everything. Except parsnips. They're disgusting.

Arabella Weir - author and comedian
I start the day with wholemeal toast spread with marg and low-sugar marmalade, all washed down with two cups of decaf Earl Grey tea. I don't "do" lunch. But if I'm out I'll have sushi (I try not to eat bread after breakfast). And if someone else is paying I'll always have pudding. I rarely drink at lunch as I can't stop once I've started. I join the kids for supper, especially if I've cooked risotto. It's less likely if I've made fish fingers and baked beans. I try to eat fish and vegetables for dinner, but usually end up with a packet of oatcakes and a bottle of wine. I couldn't live without pudding, as long as it doesn't wobble or contain bananas - a cooked banana is an abomination. I could happily never eat oysters again. They taste like cold sperm (not great when it's warm either).

Roger Scruton - writer and philosopher
I couldn't live without tomatoes, basil, olive oil, white Burgundy or red Bordeaux, all being essential to my dreams. I would be happy never to eat chocolate ever again, since it is associated with all that I dislike about children, my own included.

Sinclair Beecham - co-founder of Pret A Manger
I'd be hard-pressed to list a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat everything. I like fish and I should eat more of it, but I eat a lot of green vegetables. I love cabbage. We get our meat from local farmshops in Hampshire. I'm not a great pudding fan - if they were cancelled I wouldn't care. My weakness is a great burger, but they're hard to come by - PJs in the Fulham Road and Caprice are both good exceptions. It's also true that everything tastes great with butter. We probably eat too much butter.

Ann Widdecombe - MP and TV agony aunt
A world without potatoes would be my idea of hell. But I would cheerfully never see another cooked mushroom - ghastly slimy things - or kidney (why must people ruin perfectly good steak pies with them?).