This England

A stunned driver encountered a large kangaroo hopping along the side of the road between Ide Hill and Sunbridge yesterday. The animal veered off up a woodland track as her car approached. The motorist reported the sighting to police, but they did not search for the kangaroo as "it had left the highway".
Guardian (Sigrid Rabiger)

A stunned Great Barr couple are reeling in disbelief after discovering a squatter had been living in their caravan. Barbara and John Baker of Oscott School Lane were shocked to find their caravan, which is parked just inches from their doorway, had been lived in.

"We never noticed anything," said Mrs Baker. "We feel absolutely awful. The thought of knowing someone was living there has repulsed me. We have already been out looking for another caravan," she added.
Great Barr Observer (B R Parry)