Letters - Not envy but greed

Stewart Lansley is to be congratulated for keeping the spotlight on the largely ignored cause of so many social concerns (Essay, 4 October). The inequality between many earning a minimum wage and their employers is beyond most people's imagination. The injustice gnaws at the fabric of our society. A friend recently accused me of the "politics of envy" when I complained that my director had earned a £3m bonus that year, while I, working 70 hours a week, had been restricted to a 2 per cent pay rise; 3,000 fellow employees had been made redundant; and offshore working and subcontracting had increased.

I was told that I was lucky. My friend's director had received a £27m bonus. This ever-increasing level of greed is driven not by the envy of people on a minimum wage wanting a living wage, but by the desire of those receiving a £3m bonus to catch up with those receiving one of £27m. That is the true "politics of envy".

Charmaine Morgan
Grantham, Lincolnshire