Letters - Distorting mirror

It is sadly true that most modern-day terrorists call themselves Muslims. However, it is also true that the teachings of Islam through the Koran and the Prophet Muhummad (peace be upon him) condemn completely the taking of innocent lives.

As John Pilger highlighted in his column (20 September), it is unfortunately true that there exists a one-way mirror - for example, in the Arab-Israeli conflict. A single suicide bomber is branded a terrorist and rightly so, but when Israeli tanks and helicopters fire on a Palestinian peaceful protest, it is seen as all part of the war on terrorism, and western leaders take little notice. Then we wonder why an educated woman decides to become a suicide bomber. What we do not realise is this person has seen violence all her life; has seen her loved ones killed and has no hope for a peaceful future.

Sadly, our political leaders in the west are hypocrites, and set no example for a humane world in which people of all faiths and of no faith can live amicably and strive for peace.

Faheem Naqvi
Stockport, Cheshire

This article first appeared in the 04 October 2004 issue of the New Statesman, Muslim is not a dirty word