Letters - Rose-tinted schools

David Bowen's rosy picture of church schools (Letters, 9 August) needs correction. In voluntary aided church schools the regulations are: while at least one governor must be a parent, the diocese must have a majority of at least two on the governing body; with regard to teachers, preference may be given in their appointment, remuneration or promotion to persons whose religious opinions are in accordance with the religion's tenets, or who attend religious worship in accordance with these tenets, or who are willing to give religious education in accordance with these tenets; and in terminating their employment regard may be had to any conduct incompatible with the precepts or upholding the tenets of the religion.

To speak of the option of withdrawing children from religious activity or sending them to a different school is outrageous. These are schools that, apart from at most 10 per cent of building costs, are funded by taxes and, often, are the only geographically convenient school.

Allan Hayes