This England

The Emperor of India refused to serve Mohsin Ali Darugar, a businessman, and his wife, Rehmat, while they were in the Lake District celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, even though the restaurant was not full.
Fozle Rabbi, the restaurant manager, who is from Bangladesh, said: "The issue is not about race. People from India and Pakistan complain about our food. They say it is not spicy enough.
"We do not have time for special dishes. It would be a load of hassle. We say we are fully booked if Asians ask."
Daily Telegraph (D Powell)

Wessex Gardens Primary in north London cancelled its Easter celebrations because of the war in Iraq. In her letter to parents, the head teacher said the decision not to celebrate Easter aimed to improve religious tolerance.
Daily Mail (Ron Rubin)

This article first appeared in the 19 May 2003 issue of the New Statesman, The final bout