This England

Sadly, far too many people use smacking as a final resort, when they have already lost their temper and become out of control. This obviously results in unacceptable abuse of a child. If people were to use it as a first resort, it would be far less vicious and more effective.
Letter in the Guardian (R Glover)

The poet laureate Andrew Motion revealed this week that he creates the feeling of being unwell, which he believes helps his writing, by supping on Lemsip. Now Fay Weldon tells me she, too, has found a way to summon up melancholy thoughts - by staying at the Savoy.
"Not as sad as Andrew on Lemsip, I suspect, but it certainly stirs one's creative juices," Weldon assured me last night at a cocktail party at the hotel.
Diary, London Evening Standard (Richard Pierce)