Letter of the week

James Crabtree ("Bloggers of the left, unite!", 30 September) concentrates on A-listers such as InstaPundit or Andrew Sullivan, and thus misses the point of blogging. This, to quote www.blogger.com, is "push-button publishing for the people". Linking to news sites and expressing opinions on them is one aspect of blogging; people writing about their day-to-day lives is far more exciting. Many are dire, especially those written by semi-literate American undergraduates, but many more are of a high quality - for example, the winner of the Guardian's "Best British Blog", scaryduck.blogspot.com. Left bloggers are not as rare as Crabtree suggests. There are very many British blogs that, whilst not being exclusively political, nevertheless discuss politics from a left perspective, such as my own blog at gert68.blogspot.com. I am a former Labour councillor and a Labour Party branch secretary.

Geraldine Curtis
London SW2

This article first appeared in the 07 October 2002 issue of the New Statesman, In defence of Edwina Currie, the woman who dared