Next year in the New Statesman

Britain and the world will undergo major changes in 2007 and the New Statesman will bring you the most incisive, provocative and intelligent comment and analysis.

Will a new Labour government under Gordon Brown discover some radicalism and purpose, or will it be the postscript to Tony Blair and Iraq? Our award-winning political editor, Martin Bright, leads our unrivalled coverage. We will focus greater attention on new political, social and cultural ideas in the UK and beyond. Brian Cathcart takes over our media column, while Peter Wilby will provide a unique weekly take on the new Britain.

Lindsey Hilsum, Ziauddin Sardar, John Pilger, Michela Wrong and Rageh Omaar will provide insights on world events, while Andrew Stephen casts his expert eye on the US presidential elections. Our commitment to civil liberties continues, with weekly columns. And our ever-increasing coverage of green issues is led by our climate-change expert, Mark Lynas.

Our expanded arts, culture and books sections will showcase the best in our cultural life in all genres. For the finest reviews, Andrew Billen, our award-winning TV critic, is joined by Rosie Millard, Rachel Cooke and Ryan Gilbey. As for humour, we have the best of it, with Julian Clary, Shazia Mirza and Neighbours from Hell.

These are our commitments for 2007 to our growing ranks of readers. All this follows a remarkable 2006, a year of journalism and design awards, and 25-year sales highs for the New Statesman. Don't forget also to visit our brand-new website, launched in November to great acclaim.

John Kampfner, Editor

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