This England

A woman who threw her pet iguana at a policeman was convicted of animal cruelty yesterday despite insisting he had been leaping to her defence.

As he was returned to his grateful owner, Susan Wallace, she promised not to take him to the pub again. - Independent (Linda McGowan)

A traffic warden who won £175,000 on the Lottery took revenge on the fiancee who jilted him by sending her a copy of his winning cheque. Dave Raglan was fined £100 for harassing her. - Independent (Francis Harvey)

When the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra came to town, Mole Valley councillors heralded their arrival with a campaign intended to advertise their coup. A mailshot was sent to 25,000 residents announcing that this would be "the only time you want to see 100 gypsies on your doorstep". - Times (Terry Philpot)

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