7 Days

Arundhati Roy jailed India's Supreme Court sentenced the Booker Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy to spend a symbolic day in prison for her criticism of the controversial Narmada dam project. The judges ruled that, during a demonstration in December, Roy made "disrespectful remarks" about the project, which would cause huge human displacement.

Trade war danger President George W Bush risks a huge trade war in his bid to protect the American steel industry by imposing tariffs of up to 30 per cent on steel imports, which are worth $8.6bn and make up 10 per cent of the world market. Tony Blair told Bush that the tariffs, which come into effect from 20 March, would be bad for the world economy, while the European Union accused Bush of breaking international trade rules and said he would complain to the World Trade Organisation.

Heavy US casualties Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces gunned down two US Chinook helicopters, killing at least seven soldiers, in the gravest combat losses yet to American forces in the five-month conflict. The attack was launched from the mountains of Paktia, Afghanistan, where al-Qaeda and Taliban forces are believed to be regrouping.

Germans save NHS The former Labour minister Frank Field presented a proposal to Tony Blair to slash NHS waiting lists by employing freelance German medical teams across the country to perform operations in prefabricated mobile huts. The estimated cost of the initiative is £725m.

Roy Porter dies Roy Porter, the historian, broadcaster and writer, died aged 55. Porter was professor in the social history of medicine at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, University College London. He was a frequent contributor to the New Statesman - his last piece, on madness, was published in our 25 February issue.