Class hatred

Jimmy McGovern says that everyone hates the white working-class male (Interview, 28 January). Could this be in part because of the rich banquet of powerfully negative images of us that McGovern has served up over the years? He talks about "cultured trade unionists" but where do they appear in his work? In the mean-minded wife-beater Bobby Grant? Or the porn-fixated layabouts of Dockers? When all the pieties about his Hillsborough have been observed, it's worth noting that his first portrait of a Hillsborough victim was as a Paki-bashing psycho in Cracker. Cracker itself was a kind of thrillfest of middle-class fears about the working class, in which we were shown as addicted to gambling, drink, shagging our own children and making long, self-pitying speeches.

Harry Delaney
Newport, Gwent

This article first appeared in the 04 February 2002 issue of the New Statesman, Revealed: how Labour sees women