Wright or wrong?

Clarissa Dickson Wright ("Support this oppressed minority",17-31 December) says foxes are "dangerous killers". It may be a revelation to her, but most carnivorous wild animals are, whether they are foxes, eagles, lions or whatever. If that means they should be hunted, then why not declare an open day for hunters on all wild Carnivora, and speed up what humans have been doing for thousands of years? Looking at the papers over the past few months, I would argue that the only really dangerous killers on this planet these days are humans.

Karl Drinkwater
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion

Clarissa Dickson Wright's argument that everyday country people are engaged in "country sports" is far from the truth. Hunting plays little part in country life. Dickson Wright, London born and bred, might like to support the real issues of the countryside, such as providing adequate bus services, addressing rural unemployment, and tackling rural alcoholism and drug abuse. The lifestyle of members of the privileged classes and their minions does not, as Dickson Wright professes, have a particularly big impact on the ideological standpoint of members of rural communities.

William Callow
Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire