A true Trinidadian

You call V S Naipaul's views on his fellow Trinidadians (Lieve Joris, "Home, to the snakes and the sensitive plants", 17-31 December) frank and shocking.

Unfortunately, these are completely typical of the average Trinidadian. His admonition of black business sense would easily be matched by the common Afro-Trinidadian's stereotype of the dysfunctional Indo-Trinidadian family.

There is nothing special about Naipaul's views. In fact, his ability to loathe the country of his birth, and worship his adopted UK home, might be considered old-fashioned. For most Trinidadians, America has replaced the UK as the place to be. Patriotism has long since died in Trinidad and Naipaul is simply another example of this. In his many attempts to distance himself from the non-achievers of the Caribbean world, he has shown himself for what he really is: a true Trinidadian.

Dominic Bascombe
London N19