Brand new website for New Statesman

On 16 November the New Statesman will launch a brand new website, following on from the critical and sales success of the new-look magazine.

The website will retain its present address. It will continue to carry all of the magazine's content, posted every Thursday, making it available to a bigger global audience. But it will also have a more modern design and contain a wide array of features and columns available exclusively online. More details will be released later.

One of its aims will be to promote political, social and environmental activism on a local, national and international level. Our web pages will provide a place for socially conscious people to exchange views and offer practical assistance, while giving space for readers to comment on every aspect of our content. We will also be launching a section on campus politics, written for and by students. All of this will appear on our community and action pages.

As ever, we will provide a mix of breaking stories, original insights and humour. Our bloggers will cover everything from politics and matters of war and peace to how we eat and shop. We will have a blogosoap from an eco-village, a no-holds-barred account of living with disability and a challenging weekly column examining issues to do with religion. Our new agony aunt will use her politics, paganism and time as a Playboy model to help her advise our readers.

Even before the launch, the number of people visiting our website has risen sharply, reflecting the circulation increases in the magazine, which have recorded 25-year highs. So whether you are a magazine regular, a visitor to our site, or both, there has never been a better time to read the NS.

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