Editor's Letter

In this week's edition of the New Statesman we've invited Mark Lynas to explain the case for compulsory carbon rationing as a means to tackle global warming – it's all about survival.

We also devote several pages to poetry and ask a number of well known people from Trevor Macdonald to Michael Winner to tell us about their favourites. Nominate your own favourites at www.newstatesman.com/yourpoems

Elsewhere Bel Mooney tells us how Clare Short showed real class and Stephen Armstrong meets his dealer to score some (legal) pills. Then we’ve got Michaela Wrong taking on those outraged by Madonna's adoption of an African child.

Ever thought soap operas are poorly acted, badly written and full of unnecessary shouting? Then you may be disappointed to learn that this is what British politics has become - so says Stephen Byers. The ex-minister makes his remarks in a review of The Blunkett Tapes and he blames media scrutiny for turning politicians into celebrities. What do you think?

Oh and Rachel Cooke reveals her Vanessa Feltz fixation as Julian Clary offers to adopt Tommy Sheridan. It could only happen in the New Statesman.

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