Editor's Letter

Ever stood in a field of dung dressed as Hazel Blears or tried to use Alan Johnson as comic material? I didn't think so. Thankfully for you that was Rory Bremner's week and not yours. But you can read about it in his column.

And if Britain's leading impressionist has had a tough seven days you could spare a thought for Gordon Brown whose conference pitch for the Labour leadership was undermined by Cherie Blair's (alleged) 'lies' remark. Our political editor Martin Bright details the emnities and alliances that will shape the next political era.

Tory blogger Iain Dale meanwhile looks forward to the Conservative conference. Will there be a right-wing backlash against touchy-feely David Cameron or have the "scorched earthers" had their day?

Elswhere Sarah Sands meets John McCain, Brian Logan profiles 'the heir to Bill Hicks', Rosie Millard reviews Eve Ensler’s new play and Hunter Davies explains how in future all football fans should be foreign. We'd welcome your views!

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