Letter of the week

As a paid-up member of the "free trade uber alles" crowd, and a globalist par excellence, Peter Jay instinctively calls for free migration to complement the free movement of capital ("A plan for the world", 22 October). No need to worry about being flooded by newcomers, he claims, because only so many will come. This may be a passable argument in connection with enlarging the EU to encompass some of eastern Europe, but it is absurd as soon as one takes note of China and the Indian subcontinent, let alone Afghanistan and Africa.

Jay conveniently omits mention of a previous era when a large part of the world - the late Victorian British empire - was characterised by the free movement of capital and people. The resulting bitter legacy of ethnic division has blighted many countries, including Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Guyana.

Yugo Kovach
Twickenham, Middlesex