This England

The man, who clung to the rock face of a notorious suicide spot known locally as Sugar Loaf, had smashed on to a boulder 20ft down the 100ft cliffs in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and became wedged in the jagged rocks.
Mark Hazelby, a Sussex Police spokesman, said: "We understand this man had originally intended to kill himself but then decided that wasn't the way he wanted his life to go. Unfortunately for him he had already jumped off the cliff." The man was later treated for minor injuries. - Times (Hugh Hetherington)

Referee Brian Savill shocked footballers by scoring himself and letting the goal stand. The incident happened in a cup tie between Wimpole 2000 and a team from Earls Colne in Essex. Wimpole were losing 18-1 when Brian, 47, volleyed home for them from a corner. He said: "It was done in good humour. I knew I could get away with it in the context of the game." Wimpole lost 20-2. - Mirror (Francis Harvey)

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