The Man Who Knew Nothing

<em>Jay Livingston, co-writer of "Que Sera, Sera", has died. The song first appeared in the film </e

When I was just a little boy

I asked my father, "Where shall they die?

Cuba? Korea? Cairo? Kiev?"

This was his quick reply:

"Where the targets are,

As long as they're overseas.

You'll pick off some refugees

Where the targets are.

Choose them as you please."

When I was just a governor,

I asked advisors, "Where should we aim?

Tehran? Tirana? Turkey? Tibet?"

Vaguely their answer came:

"Where the targets are . . .

Now I am President of the US,

Generals ask me, "Who shall we bomb?

Kosovo? Kabul? Khe Sanh? Kuwait?" -

I hit their intercom:

"Where the targets are . . .