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None so deaf . . .

The exams watchdog has admitted it was wrong to force deaf children to sit listening tests as part of their GCSE and A-level exams.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority initially said it believed that new legislation meant deaf children could not be treated differently from other disabled youngsters. Therefore they could not be exempted from the aural sections of exams such as French, Spanish and even English. They could not use [aids], either, to help them lip-read.

The QCA has now reinstated the procedure that allows deaf students to bypass the listening exams and be awarded a grade based on their general level of attainment.

(Linda Calvey)

Basic dowsing

Slimbridge Dowsing Group held a very successful meeting when eight new members attended the basic dowsing training, including a water divining session. After finding true north and locating copper tubing, they moved out of the village hall to the car park.

Gloucestershire Gazette
(Andrew Birkinshaw)

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