Editor's Letter

Question: What the only thing that's green about David Cameron? Answer: His Face.

Don't believe me? Well take a look at the Pop Art picture on this week's magazine.

It's to illustrate Richard Reeves's article on what the left has to learn from Lexus Dave after Labour's spat over Blair quitting. Incidentally Reeves suggests the start of the Tory conference would be a good time.

Elsewhere we've come over all rock n' roll with Manic Street Preacher Nicky Wire giving us his fantasy cabinet for a Gordon Brown premiership and Patti Smith talking about her teeth.

Tessa Jowell meanwhile has warm words for her estranged husband, Tony Barber asks if Italy is missing Silvio Berlusconi, and Julian Clary stops camping it up and starts a political movement. One of those statements isn't true.

And then there's Milton Keynes TV – Zoe Williams has saved you the bother of watching it. It's all in this week's issue. Hope you enjoy it!

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