Editor's Letter

In the past week we’ve been asking a number of eminent citizens what Blairism meant for them. Tory historian Andrew Roberts tells us the prime minister will be remembered as the man who destroyed British socialism. Lawyer Imran Khan on the other hand argues that Thatcherism was Blairism in drag. Are they making the same point?

Before you reach your conclusion why not read Jack Straw on Anthony Crosland’s book the Future of Socialism, fifty years after it was published?

Elsewhere Rageh Omaar writes on cut backs in humanitarian aid in Iraq, Michael Bywater decodes Da Vinci, William Cook looks back with nostalgia to family holidays in the gay resort of Sitges before it became flooded with, er, families and Margaret Drabble reviews Andrew Motion’s memoir on childhood.

In his fortnightly column, Rory Bremner tell us of a new departure in his career – being cast to play a female vicar in a comedy drama starring Stephen Fry.

Looking forward to what promises to be an intriguing conference season, online we unveil our conference blog with a variety of writers bringing us news from Brighton, Manchester and Bournemouth.

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