US aid is among the worst

I am surprised that Jonathan Hoffman (Letters, 1 October) believes that the United States is "the largest aid donor to the developing world". This is certainly not the case, according to the Third World Institute's World Guide. In the amount of aid given as a percentage of gross national product, the US comes well after the following countries: Denmark, 0.96 per cent; Norway, 0.87 per cent; Netherlands, 0.81 per cent; Sweden, 0.77 per cent; France, 0.55 per cent; Australia, 0.36 per cent. Even New Zealand, at 0.23 per cent, gives more than double the US of its GNP to poor countries. In absolute amount of money given, Japan heads the list with $14.5m, followed by France ($8.5m), Germany ($7.5m), then the US, with just over $7m. In fact, the US, at 0.1 per cent, is the lowest donor among the rich industrialised countries. This is an issue the US needs to review in its war against terrorism.

Yolande M Agble
Greenford, Middlesex