Editor's Letter

Well it's official, Tony Blair is standing down within the year and right on cue we have an interview with Blairite David Miliband who has thrown his weight behind Gordon Brown to be the next Labour leader. And just in case the chancellor should have any doubts, the environment secretary went on to endorse Mr Brown again and again and again. We will continue to provide online commentary as events unfold during this extraordinary period in British politics.

Away from Westminister, John Pilger writes on the art of radical film-making, Andrew Stephen looks ahead to crucial mid-term elections in the US, we have Roger Scruton on Vouvray and Rosie Millard on buttocks – well sort of.

Meanwhile we sent Brendan O'Neill off to meet former MI5 officer David Shayler who, since he left intelligence behind, has become a 'no planer'. That's someone who believes the 9/11 aircraft were missiles wrapped in holograms.

Oh and then there's Julian Clary who introduces us to some of the people he met in a Northampton graveyard.

Hope you enjoy it.