7 Days

Kiley out The Secretary of State for Transport, Stephen Byers, sacked Bob Kiley as chairman of London Transport for blocking government plans to part-privatise the Tube. Kiley was appointed on 4 May to negotiate a deal with private firms for taking over the running of sections of London's creaking Underground system. Kiley will remain the Greater London Authority's transport commissioner.

School innovation Plans for a new schools innovation unit to explore ground-breaking approaches to teaching, learning and school management were announced by the Department for Education and Skills. The unit would allow teachers to exchange ideas about best practice in schools, and to build on initiatives such as after-hours study support centres.

Concorde flies again A Concorde took off from Heathrow for the first time since last July's crash, to test changes made to the aircraft. Engineers fitted the plane with fuel-tank liners and new tyres to prevent a repetition of the Paris air crash in which 113 people died. Air France and BA hope to resume Concorde services by the autumn.

NS signs new columnist Robert Peston, the former political editor and financial editor of the Financial Times, becomes a New Statesman columnist in September. He will write every week on business, finance and politics. An Investigative Journalist of the Year award winner, he is now editorial director of Quest, which provides online commentary to fund managers and professional investors.

Corrections In our London supplement (9 July), the article "We need to be braver" referred to Julia Marks and David Barfield as architects of the London Eye. This should have been Julia Barfield and David Marks. And in last week's issue, Geoffrey Lean ("Blame ego politics, not eco-politics") should have been credited as environment editor of the Independent on Sunday.

This article first appeared in the 23 July 2001 issue of the New Statesman, In the line of fire