A load of B&B

If Katherine Duncan-Jones bases all her articles purely on conversations with B&B landladies, it is no wonder that her piece on the Royal Shakespeare Company (The Arts, 25 June) was full of idle speculation.

A little research for factual information could have reassured her that the RSC never has been, nor ever will be, about attracting Hollywood stars or stopping performing in Stratford. What the RSC wants to do is offer greater choice to actors and directors, famous or not. Our new policy will give artists the freedom and flexibility to create more work like "This England: the histories" and Tantalus, the very productions that Duncan-Jones and thousands of other theatregoers so admired.

As to my own directorial plans, I am thrilled at the prospect of directing Pericles on the main stage in Stratford next summer. It would, after all, be slightly perverse of the artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company to be bored with Shakespeare.

Adrian Noble
RSC artistic director
Barbican Theatre, London EC2

This article first appeared in the 16 July 2001 issue of the New Statesman, How long have we got?