Silent Majority

<em>Cannabis was in effect decriminalised in part of London. Back-bench Labour MPs were said to be t

Are you craving a whiff of adventure?

The whips will whip round with a stash.

There's free weed for every backbencher,

While the cabinet's making a hash.

Take deep breaths, you'll find it relaxing;

Inhale our new policy kif.

If your work seems a little too taxing,

Just suck on a Downing Street spliff.

Never mind PFI - keep your chin up:

Your pager's been junked for a joint.

When Robin has offered to skin up,

Why argue, man? What is the point?

Stay cool. No, you'll never be busted

By a firm parliamentary bobby.

Blow smoke-rings. We know you'll be trusted

To wander, half-stoned, through the lobby.

This article first appeared in the 16 July 2001 issue of the New Statesman, How long have we got?