Editor's Letter

Nobody could say we lack variety! This week's output includes a vivid account by Andrew Stephen of his personal discovery of slavery in his Washington home; we have a beautifully-crafted profile of Sabina Guzzanti, Italy's very own Rory Bremner who has made Silvio Berlusconi's life a misery. Or at least she's tried! And our dogged Martin Bright follows up on last week's scoop about the Foreign Office and Muslim disengagement with another enticing story. We have a strong piece on the state of poverty in the UK by Donald Hirsch, who's an expert in the field, plus some fun offerings from Will Self, in the diary, our Neighbours from Hell, and... of course... Rory. I would also draw your attention to our strong team of columnists - Noreena Hertz, Rageh Omaar, Michela Wrong, and a jolly offering from Zia Sardar on how holidays are grim. I'm not sure I quite agree, as I'm taking off for a short while, so next week Sue Matthias, our excellent Deputy Editor, will fill you in on the various offerings.