7 Days

Bush comes to Europe On his first visit to Europe as President of the United States, George W Bush promised to fund research into the causes of global warming, in an effort to quell European concerns over his rejection of the Kyoto Protocol. During his six-day tour of the continent, Bush attended the EU summit in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Exam fiasco The government announced a comprehensive review of the controversial AS-level examinations, after receiving a barrage of complaints from both teachers and pupils. The new Education Secretary, Estelle Morris, admitted that "lessons had to be learnt" from the introduction of AS levels.

Death of a princess Leila Pahlavi, the youngest daughter of the last Shah of Iran, was found dead, apparently from an overdose, in a London hotel room. Police said they were investigating her death.

Strikes again Britain's rail travellers face further disruption this summer, following an announcement by the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union of strike action by guards: 24-hour stoppages are planned for 25 June and 4 July. The last nationwide strike was in 1994, when signal workers brought the network to a standstill.

Seconds from disaster A Boeing 747 with 381 passengers on board came within 112 feet of crashing into a plane on the runway at Heathrow Airport last year. Kieran Daly, an aviation expert, warned that a fatal accident is now almost inevitable, as airports are already operating at the absolute limits of their capacity.

Navy cuts A leaked document - believed to have been written by Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh, the Royal Navy's most senior officer - revealed that the reduction in government funding will severely affect the navy's performance. The document exposed labour shortages and outdated equipment, leading to weaknesses on the front line.

This article first appeared in the 18 June 2001 issue of the New Statesman, Meet the people who make Tony Blair sweat