This England

DJs in Leicester are being asked to play old favourites such as the themes from The Magic Roundabout or the Looney Tunes cartoon soundtrack . . . Police believe that transporting club-goers to their youth will make them less likely to get involved in late-night fights. - Daily Mail (Ron Rubin)

I became suspicious after I married a divorced man who kept our marriage a secret even from his children. After our wedding picture appeared in the paper he went ballistic and said I had ruined his life. He is still registered as living at his previous marital home. They also share a car, insurance policies and a bank account. He pays all her bills and has just bought her £2,000 worth of furniture. Yet he gives me just £40 a week. When I confronted him he denied everything, so I produced the evidence and he said I was making a fuss about nothing. Should I consult a solicitor about divorce? - Letter in You magazine (Francis Harvey)

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This article first appeared in the 11 June 2001 issue of the New Statesman, There are years of fun to come