Editor's Letter

Three weeks into the magazine's new design, and I am pleased to welcome a veritable army of new subscribers. The feedback has been remarkable, and I'm pleased that the new design allows us to concentrate on the four elements that make the New Statesman - online and offline - such a great read: edgy, intelligent, at the heart of the debate, and enjoyable. Soon the website, probably in the early autumn, will have its own facelift, as exciting as anything the magazine has come up with!

Now onto this week's... a very strong mix of international (our lead is an insightful piece by Robert Calderisi on the role of aid in Africa); a characteristically provocative piece by our Nick Cohen reflecting on the Compass conference and warning that the left has six months to live (yes, that is what he says!); Charlie Lee Potter provides some amazing insights into the rise of the role of women in the Church of England, while we have a brilliant Niall Ferguson essay on the triumph of Asia. Have a look at our lead books review - Rodric Braithwaite on the terrible errors of Iraq - and have fun with Annalisa Barbieri's piece in praise of British teeth. Much more besides...

Next week: a special issue ahead of the 7/7 anniversary on terrorism. Watch for some scoops.

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