Not just good news for the Scots

Jackie Ashley ("Some guys have all the cash", 16 April) makes a number of comparisons between Scotland and England, yet the differences are not what she suggests. Teachers in England will be paid more this year than their Scottish counterparts, and thanks to performance-related promotion, more than 150,000 good, experienced teachers in England and Wales, without management or other allowances, will receive 12-14 per cent more than in April last year. The pay rise of 21 per cent in Scotland is spread out over three years and a full comparison will not be possible until teachers in England and Wales have had their 2002 and 2003 pay awards.

The article touches on tuition fees, without recording that 50 per cent of students in England and Wales will not pay any fees in the coming year. In Scotland, all graduates will pay £2,000.

David Blunkett
Secretary of State for Education

This article first appeared in the 30 April 2001 issue of the New Statesman, How new Labour wrestled with a world it never made