This England

"Dirty Flash", Dunlop's new range of its classic Greenflash pumps, cost £50 - twice the price of a regular clean pair. The dirty shoes have been designed for people in their late 20s and 30s, who remember them from school PE, and for teenagers on the lookout for a new trend.
The firm will not disclose the full list of "dirtying" ingredients used. "People wouldn't get the same effect if they bought a new pair and stained them," said a spokesman. - Sunday Telegraph (Ron Rubin)

He [Christopher Dearnley] drove through the rebuilding and enlargement of the cathedral organ, which included a new division over the great west doors featuring a full chorus of horizontally mounted royal trumpet pipes. Although inaugurated to great effect, they have startled royalty on may occasions, and are now banned when Prince Philip is underneath. - Guardian (Peter Barnes)

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This article first appeared in the 30 April 2001 issue of the New Statesman, How new Labour wrestled with a world it never made