This England

In our October issue we published an article "Shame for the (second) dirtiest dozen". It was illustrated with a photo of shops on Walter Hurford Parade. We did not intend to suggest that the shops were an eyesore, but that residents regarded the area they are in as an eyesore. We apologise to the owners of the shops for any distress this caused. - Newham Magazine (F Low)

On the Hammersmith and District line 18 months ago I noticed that the aperture which previously held fire extinguishers was empty. I wrote to John Prescott and was contacted by the director of customer services. They had all apparently been removed because of vandalism. But I was told the driver kept one so that little fires could be prevented from becoming big ones. I contacted Bob Crow at the RMT, who told me that drivers, in the event of a problem, were told not to get out of the cab. - Letter in the Guardian (Sigrid Rabiger)

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