Digging up nothing but dirt

Is the John Sweeney who wrote last week (Letters, 2 April) to attack John Simpson the same who wrote in the Observer of 30 May 1999: "And Kosovo, when we open the mass graves, will be the worst. Pilger, Pinter and Ali will be shamed as corpse after corpse is dug up, tens of thousands of them"? The same who claimed in the Observer on 6 June 1999 that bodies were being burnt in the Trepca mine "at a reported rate of at least 100 a day for the past two months", making at least 6,000? Tens of thousands of corpses were not dug up in Kosovo by Nato, nor was a single bone found in Trepca mines.

Gerard Killoran
London N16

This article first appeared in the 09 April 2001 issue of the New Statesman, Duel for the Tube